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Hydrocarbons detected by MIR-sensor fibre system

Faseroptisches MIR-Spektrometer zur Detektierung von Kohlenwasserstoffen
: Konz, W.; Beyer, T.; Brandenburg, A.; Ehr, M. von; Hartwig, S.

AMA Service GmbH, Wunstorf:
Sensor 2003. 11th International Conference. Proceedings. Vol.2
Wunstorf: AMA Service GmbH, 2003
International Conference Sensor <11, 2003, Nürnberg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPM ()
Messen-chemischer-Größen; chemischer Sensor; faseroptischer Sensor; Infrarotspektrometrie; Kohlenwasserstoff; chlorierter Kohlenwasserstoff; Wasseranalyse; Deponie; Abfalllagerung; Silberhalogenid; optische-Faser

A miniaturized mid-infrared spectrometer for in-situ monitoring of chlorinated hydrocarbons in leachate has been developed at the Fraunhofer Institute of Physic al Measurement Technique (IPM). Consisting of light source, spectrometer, with sensor fibre inbetween. The complete system can be lowered into a monitoring well. The analytes are determined by evanescent wave spectroscopy with polymer-coated silver halide fibre as sensor element. The system operates in the wavelength range 8 to 12 micometer whereas a globar as light source and a moved grating as wavelength selection are used. The sensor was tested under laboratory conditions with regard to signal characteristic, spectral scale and response time. Calibrations with different hydrocarbons were executed. With improved sensor system a detection limit of 900 ppb for tetrachloroethylene was reached. To improve sensitivity and stability of the system further investigations about sensor fibre optimization and stabilization of electronics will be realized. Further development w ill be taken on field capability and handling properties.