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Modeling of the performance reduction of macro fiber composites for use in numerical forming simulation of piezoceramic-metal-compounds

: Hensel, Sebastian; Drossel, Welf-Guntram; Nestler, Matthias; Müller, Roland


CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology 7 (2014), No.2, pp.129-138
ISSN: 1755-5817
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWU ()
piezoceramic fibers; performance reduction; MFC; damage; biaxial test; numerical simulation; forming; deep drawing

With the objective of producing aluminum sandwich parts with a sensor and actuator functionality, a production method was proposed which uses an adhesive for the integration of a piezomodule. Complex shapes may cause a reduction in the performance of piezomodules. Uniaxial and biaxial transducer tensile tests and accompanying optical strain measurements were carried out to evaluate the residual performance taking into account the strain load combination. The model validation showed a very good agreement between forming experiment and numerical simulation. The simulation model including the functionality reduction enables the performance of the actuator to be predicted after the forming stage for complex shaped parts has been completed.