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Barriers to the market penetration of façade-integrated solar thermal systems

: Cappel, C.; Streicher, W.; Lichtblau, F.; Maurer, C.

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Created on: 23.9.2015

Häberle, A.:
SHC 2013, 2nd International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry : September 23-25, 2013, Freiburg, Germany
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2014 (Energy Procedia 48)
International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry (SHC) <2, 2013, Freiburg>
Conference Paper, Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ISE ()
Thermische Anlagen und Gebäudetechnik; energieeffizientes Gebäude; Solarthermie; Energieeffiziente Gebäude und Gebäudetechnik; Angewandte Optik und funktionale Oberflächen; Fassaden und Fenster; Solarthermische Fassaden; Solaranlage; integrated solar thermal; Fassade; barriers; penetration

For this paper, we analyzed the barriers to new façade-integrated solar thermal systems in a survey, literature review and workshops with experts. We focused on flat plate collectors and their application in residential buildings. Integrated systems are technically more challenging than simple roof installations, and we found a lack of knowledge among all participants in the market to be the second most important problem after economic issues. Especially for architects it is very difficult to use solar technologies as a part of their palette due to insufficient education. Especially for façade solutions a stronger awareness of solar technology is required for the selling process. The synergy advantages offered by integrating solar thermal systems into façades are largely unknown by the participants of the market.