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Assessment Criteria for Identifying the Main Alternatives - Advantages and Drawbacks, Synergies and Conflicts

Beyond 2020. Design and impact of a harmonised policy for renewable electricity in Europe. D2.2 Report. A report compiled within the European IEE project beyond2020 (work package 2) - Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE), ALTENER (Grant Agreement no. IEE/10/437/SI2.589880)
: Rio, Pablo del; Ragwitz, Mario; Steinhilber, Simone; Resch, Gustav; Busch, Sebastian; Klessmann, Corinna; Lovinfosse, Isabelle de; Nysten, Jana V.; Fouquet, Dörte; Johnston, Angus

Wien: Vienna University of Technology, Department of Power Systems and Energy Economics, Energy Economics Group, 2012, 47 pp.
European Commission EC
IEE; IEE/10/437/SI2.589880; BEYOND2020
Fraunhofer ISI ()

This report focuses on the elaboration of feasible pathways for a possible harmonisation of RES(-E) support in Europe beyond 2020.