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Optical effects at projection measurements for Terahertz tomography

: Brahm, Anika; Wilms, Annika; Tymoshchuk, Maryna; Pradarutti, Constanze; Notni, Gunther; Tünnermann, Andreas


Optics and laser technology 62 (2014), pp.49-57
ISSN: 0030-3992
ISSN: 0308-4280
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
optical effect; THz imaging; THz tomography

Optical effects like refraction, diffraction and edge effects have an influence on Terahertz measurements. They can result in image artifacts which makes it difficult to detect and resolve material defects inside the samples. We used a geometrical optical ray tracing approach to analyze the optical effects at Terahertz projection measurements which can be used to perform 2D or 3D THz images. We measured rectangular and cylindrical samples made of PEEK (Polyetheretherketon), POM (Polyoxymethylen), and PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylat) and compared the results to simulations that are realized with the software ZEMAX. We were able to simulate the measured Fresnel refraction and transmission behavior for rectangular cuboids with a length of 25 mm and cylinders with diameter of 25 mm. We showed the influence of diffraction and edge effects at samples with different sizes made of PMMA. Thus, the optical effect of refraction was significant and observable for cylinders with diameters greater than 1.5 mm and holes with diameter greater than 2.5 mm.