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Intelligent logistics for innovative product technologies as part of the EU 5-day-car initiative

: Sihn, W.; Bischoff, J.; Esterházy, M.

Weingärtner, L.; Westkämper, E. ; International Institution for Production Engineering Research -CIRP-, Paris:
38th International Seminar on Manufacturing Systems 2005. CD-ROM : Proceedings, May 16/18 - 2005, Florianopolis, Brazil
Florianopolis, 2005
5 pp.
International CIRP Seminar on Manufacturing Systems <38, 2005, Florianopolis/Brazil>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Supply Chain; automotive industry; modularity; flexibility; build-to-order; 5-day-car; Automobilindustrie

It is apparent that the business model currently employed by the automotive industry of mass-producing identical products, is flawed and becoming dysfunctional. The industry suffers from global over-capacity and rising stock levels and exhibits inherently low profitability. The automotive industry is a major contributor to prosperity worldwide. The ILIPT project adresses the conceptual and many of the practical aspects of the automotive industry´s exciting and radical new concept: The delivery to the customer of a bespoke product to his exact specification, only several days after placing the order.
The project represents a radical leap for the European automotive industry form the "stock-push" and "mass production" thinking of the last century, to a stockless "build-to-order" (BTO) production strategy. This will require the re-invention of the complete automotive value stream and its components, from material producers to end consumers of cars, through a cost-optimized system delivering what the customer really wants without delay.