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Investigations on glass-to-mold sticking in the hot forming process

: Rieser, D.; Spiess, G.; Manns, P.

International Symposium on Glass 2005 in Connection with the Annual Meeting of the International Commission on Glass, ISG/ICG 2005. CD-ROM : April 10-14, 2005 Shanghai International Convention Center, China
Shanghai, 2005
International Symposium on Glass (ISG) <2005, Shanghai>
International Commission of Glass (Annual Meeting ICG) <2005, Shanghai>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWM ()
sticking; molds; glass-mold-interface; viscosity; coating; theoretical model; contact-temperature; contact-viscosity

The sticking behavior of different mold materials was investigated. Sticking of different molds can be described by two material specific values: the "lower" and the "upper" sticking temperatures. A theoretical model was build and the factor which governs the "lower" sticking is identified: the viscosity of the glass in the glass-mold-interface. It was found out that it is not possible to raise the "lower" sticking temperature whereas the "upper" sticking temperature can be raised structured and coated materials.