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Spectrum sharing improves the network efficiency for cellular operators

: Jorswieck, E.A.; Badia, L.; Fahldieck, T.; Karipidis, E.; Luo, J.


IEEE Communications Magazine 52 (2014), No.3, pp.129-136
ISSN: 0163-6804
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()

The article describes the potential gain by spectrum sharing between cellular operators in terms of network efficiency. The focus of the study is on a specific resource sharing scenario: spectrum sharing between two operators in cellular downlink transmission. If frequency bands are allocated dynamically and exclusively to one operator - a case called orthogonal spectrum sharing - significant gains in terms of achievable throughput (spectrum sharing gains between 50 percent and 100 percent) and user satisfaction are reported for asymmetric scenarios at link and system level as well as from two hardware demonstrators. Additionally, if frequency bands are allocated simultaneously to two operators - a case called non-orthogonal spectrum sharing - further gains are reported. In order to achieve these, different enablers from hardware technologies and base station capabilities are required. However, we argue that all requirements are fulfilled in 3GPP and newer mobile standards. Therefore, the results and conclusions of this overview article encourage to seriously consider the inter-operator spectrum sharing technologies.