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Classification in high-dimensional spectral data: Accuracy vs. interpretability vs. model size

: Backhaus, Andreas; Seiffert, Udo


Neurocomputing 131 (2014), pp.15-22
ISSN: 0925-2312
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFF ()

Against the background of classification in data mining tasks typically various aspects of accuracy, and often also of model size are considered so far. The aspect of interpretability is just beginning to gain general attention. This paper evaluates all three of these. aspects within the context of several computational intelligence based paradigms for high-dimensional spectral classification of data acquired by hyperspectral imaging and Raman spectroscopy. It is focused on state-of-the-art paradigms of a number of different concepts, such as prototype based, kernel based, and support vector based approaches. Since the application point of view is emphasized, three real-world datasets are the basis of the presented study.