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A novel receptor cross-talk between the ATP receptor P2Y2 and formyl peptide receptors reactivates desensitized neutrophils to produce superoxide

: Önnheim, Karin; Christenson, Karin; Gabl, Michael; Burbiel, Joachim C.; Müller, Christa E; Oprea, Tudor I.; Bylund, Johan; Dahlgren, Claes; Forsman, Huamei


Experimental Cell Research 323 (2014), No.1, pp.209-217
ISSN: 0014-4827
Journal Article
Fraunhofer INT ()
ATP; formyl peptides; G-protein coupled receptors; cross-talk; neutrophils

Neutrophils express several G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and they cross regulate each other. We described a novel cross-talk mechanism in neutrophils, by which signals generated by the receptor for ATP (P2Y2) reactivate desensitized formyl peptide receptors (FPRs) so that these ligand-bound inactive FPRs resume signaling. At the signaling level, the cross-talk was unidirectional, i.e., P2Y2 ligation reactivated FPR, but not vice versa and was sensitive to the phosphatase inhibitor calyculin A. Further, we show that the cross talk between P2Y2 and FPR bypassed cytosolic Ca2+ transients and did not rely on the actin cytoskeleton. In summary, our data demonstrate a novel cross-talk mechanism that results in reactivation of desensitized FPRs and, an amplification of the neutrophil response to ATP.