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Visualization of context on small screens

: Bieber, G.

TESI 2005. Conference Proceedings. CD-ROM : Training, Education & Simulation International
Maastricht, 2005
Training, Education & Simulation International Conference (TESI) <2005, Maastricht, Netherlands>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3d visualization; mobile computing; human computer interaction; HCI

The major aim of Mobile Computing is to provide computer support wherever and whenever the user needs. The ubiquitous access to intranet and internet leads to an unbelievable amount of available data. The access and interaction by computers with limited screen size can be very unhandy and confusing.
Mobile command and control units, personal information manager or personal assistance systems help to organize, manage and optimize activity sequences and suggest optimal tasks for present situations. The mobile computer suffers on restricted screen size and improper interaction techniques. This requires the inclusion of situation awareness to provide the fittest information to the actual situation as well as smart interaction design to minimize input by the user. This paper shows an approach of the visualization of information under the inclusion of the status of current task sequences and context on small displays