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Remote control of distributed energy resources using IEC 61850 as application-layer protocol standard

: Feuerhahn, S.; Kohrs, R.; Wittwer, C.


Energy technology 2 (2014), No.1, pp.77-82
ISSN: 2194-4288
ISSN: 2194-4296
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISE ()
Elektrische Energiesysteme; Systemintegration und Netze – Strom; Wärme; Gas; IKT für Komponenten im Smart Grid; IEC 61850; control; protocol; energy resources

As the number of distributed energy resources increases so does the need for sophisticated communication technology that allows to remotely control them. This study analyzes the prominent application-layer protocol candidate for this application, the IEC 61850 standard. A decision tree is drawn that outlines when IEC 61850 is a favorable choice. Afterwards IEC 61850 is looked at in detail. The benefits of its device modeling capabilities for interoperability are evaluated and its message size is analyzed.