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Product Design Trends and Impacts on Recyclability: The Case of Mobile IT Devices

Disassembly Analysis of Slates: Design for Repair and Recycling Evaluation
Demontage-Analyse von Slates: Recycling- und Reparaturgerechtes Design
: Dimitrova, Gergana; Schischke, Karsten; Stobbe, Lutz; Nissen, Nils F; Schlösser, Alexander

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Berlin, 2013, 26 pp.
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IZM ()

The Project Disassembly Analysis of Slates: Design for Repair and Recycling Evaluation was initiated by Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin. The objective of the project was to investigate current design trends in slate devices and to carry out an evaluation with regard to repair and recycling. Within the scope of the study, 21 slates were examined. A focus was put on the opening and the disassembly of the slates as well as on battery, mainboard and display unit removal. Additionally, in order to analyze the thermal behavior, a thermography analysis was undertaken during a performance benchmark test.

The findings indicate an even heat distribution as well as a moderate temperature increase of the battery during the test.

With regard to the recycling and repair analysis significant differences were observed in the complexity of the opening and dismantling of the main parts. An overall tendency is, on the one hand, the execution of numerous steps for the slates opening. On the other hand, the access to the main parts is accomplished after a complex disassembly process, employing the removal of numerous screws, clips and adhesives.

In general, the findings indicate that the robustness and the highly integrated designs might complicate the ease of dismantling of the slates as well as their recyclability.