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Visual exploration of parameter influence on phylogenetic trees

: Heß, Martin; Bremm, Sebastian; Weissgraeber, Stephanie; Hamacher, Kay; Goesele, Michael; Wiemeyer, Josef; Landesberger, Tatiana von


IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 34 (2014), No.2, pp.48-56
ISSN: 0272-1716
ISSN: 1558-1756
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Visual analytics; interactive information visualization; comparative visualization; Parameter Ranges; Bioinformatics; Forschungsgruppe Visual Search and Analysis (VISA); Forschungsgruppe Capturing Reality (CARE)

Evolutionary relationships between organisms are represented as phylogenetic trees inferred from multiple sequence alignments (MSAs). The proposed approach clusters trees created with many MSA parameterizations. It displays the chosen parameters' impact on the phylogenetic trees. This view offers interactive parameter exploration and automatic identication of relevant parameters.