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Integral evaluation of innovative building envelopes

: Sinnesbichler, Herbert

Economic Forum -EF-, München:
EF 2013, Energy Forum. Advanced Building Skins : 05 - 06 November 2013, Bressanone, Italy; Conference Proceedings of the 8th Energy Forum
München: Economic Forum, 2013
ISBN: 978-3-9812053-6-7
Energy Forum on Advanced Building Skins <8, 2013, Bressanone>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IBP ()

The building envelope is the physical separator between the interior and exterior of a building. lt determines the energy efficiency of a building and the comfort of the individual spaces it contains. Fraunhofer IBP's site in Holzkirchen is home to the VERU modular test facility which is used to conduct research in the fields of energy and indoor climate control. Researchers can use the facility to investigate how different facade systems interact with technical building systems and services, and what impact they have on the spaces inside the building. We strive in particular to take an integrated, holistic view of the energy gains and losses through building envelopes, the energy required for heating, cooling and lighting, the indoor climate and visual aspects of occupant comfort, and the interaction between facade engineering and the building's technical systems and services. The VERU test facility makes it possible to conduct full-scale experiments under real environmental conditions. As well as consulting on traditional building components, we are increasingly being asked for advice on membrane structures due to the benefits they offer, including high levels of transparency and the ability to take on almost any form. The studies we carry out at our outdoor testing site are complemented by lab measurements of the radiation properties of materials in an accredited test laboratory.