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Biomimetic aspects in development of (bio)medical devices

Presentation held at "Seminarreihe des Graduiertenkollegs Bionik" der Universität Bonn im Sommersemester 2013, 20.6.2013
: Schwarz, Oliver

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2013, 57 Folien
Graduiertenkolleg Bionik <2013, Bonn>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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chirurgisches Instrument; heart valve; Herzklappe; Knochenstanze; surgical instrument; valve; Bionik; Medizintechnik; Produktentwicklung

Just for the medicine the human body itself is available as best practice model. For the replacement of body functions it is important to recognize the meaning and principles of the anatomical structures and their physiological relationships to abstract and develop a robust technical equivalent. Exo-prostheses and implants are good areas of application for the biomimetics. The infinite number of cutting, gripping, suction, drilling and crushing mechanisms in the animal kingdom provides innovative solutions for surgical instruments. The combination of multiple functions, for example lightweight and increased stability through intelligent structuring modeled after the proven nature, into one component, is an appropriate approach for product innovation.