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Elicitation and documentation of non-functional requirements for sociotechnical systems

: Kerkow, D.; Doerr, J.; Paech, B.; Olsson, T.; Koenig, T.

Maté, J.L.:
Requirements Engineering for Sociotechnical Systems
Hershey, Pa: Information Science Publishing, 2005
ISBN: 1-59140-507-6
pp.284-302 : Ill., Lit.
Book Article
Fraunhofer IESE ()
requirement modeling; decision support; documentation; elicitation; EMPRESS; ISO 9126; non-functional requirement; quality model

This chapter describes how non-functional requirements (NFR) can be elicited and documented in the context of sociotechnical systems. An approach is presented based on use cases and on quality models derived from ISO 9126, as well as general problems and challenges when working with NFR. Requirements in general and NFR in particular are subjective, have many stakeholders and are often conflicting. The approach presented includes processes for prioritizing quality attributes that are important to a specific context, eliciting NFR and identification and analysis of dependencies among the NFR. The aim is to provide an experience-based approach that facilitates efficient and effective elicitation and documentation of NFR. Having a structured method that aims at providing measurable, traceable and focused requirements, rather than having ad-hoc and ambiguous ones achieves this. The approach uses use cases as main technique, though the general principle of having a structured and experience-based process is applicable to other techniques as well.