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Dynamic life cycle control of integrated manufacturing systems

: Niemann, J.; Westkämper, E.

Machine Engineering 5 (2005), No.1-2, pp.105-113
ISSN: 1642-6568
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Integrated manufacturing system; life cycle controlling; Lebenszyklus; Fertigungssystem

The paper presents a framework for controlling the life cycle of so called "integrated manufacturing systems". In the process, the economic efficiency of continuous improvement measures taken during its further life are evaluated in a simulation and monitored using real production data. To do so the paper identifies relevant data sources and describes the integration into a simulation model. To improve the performance of the manufacturing system the model describes general starting points. Before implementation the changes will be simulated and evaluated. After implementation the data from reality will be compared with the forecast to improve the model.