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Geschäftsprozessoptimierung durch Kommunikationsdiagramme

Optimization of business processes by communication diagnosis
: Martinetz, J.; Mertens, S.

WT. Werkstattstechnik 90 (2000), No.1/2, pp.36-40
ISSN: 0340-4544
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFF ()
Kommunikationsdiagnose; Kommunikationsoptimierung; Geschäftsprozeßoptimierung

Business process must be transparent and efficient in order to master the dynamic of a turbulent factory environment. The following article will show the results of the research project DARIF (methods and tools for decentralized working and information structures based on business process). The scientists of the Fraunhofer-Institute for Factory operation and Automation developed a method for business optimization by designing the information and communication structures.