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Using a life cycle investment approach to analyze façade-based sustainable building options

: Hertzsch, Eckhart; Heywood, Christopher

Economic Forum -EF-, München:
EF 2013, Energy Forum. Advanced Building Skins : 05 - 06 November 2013, Bressanone, Italy; Conference Proceedings of the 8th Energy Forum
München: Economic Forum, 2013
ISBN: 978-3-9812053-6-7
Energy Forum on Advanced Building Skins <8, 2013, Bressanone>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IBP ()

Owners of existing buildings face increasing pressure to reduce their assets' greenhouse gas emissions (GHGEs) but decisions to do so face a multiplicity of options. These options include: various possible technical solutions for reducing GHGEs; and when to make the investment in those solutions. Because of buildings' various attributes such as location, construction methods, façade systems and environmental systems, decisions are inevitably both complex and idiosyncratic. A life cycle investment approach recognizes not only those idiosyncrasies and the fact that a building requires periodic investments to sustain its operations and economic value, but also allows analysis of the complexity of the options to sustainably refurbish a building. Using a case study from Melbourne, Australia, this paper reports results from an analysis of four façade refurbishment options. The investment scenarios are also analyzed for 'do it now' and optimized terms of the building's life cycle. The results show that while substantial capital expenditure is required for the façade upgrade, the GHGEs are also substantially reduced, being greater than 30% in the best case. The methodology used has focused on façades but overall provides a more sophisticated model for analyzing the complex set of options faced in making investments for sustainable refurbishments.