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Skill capturing and augmented reality for training

: Bockholt, Ulrich; Webel, Sabine; Engelke, Timo; Olbrich, Manuel; Wuest, Harald

Bergamasco, Massimo (Ed.):
Skill training in multimodal virtual environments
Boca Raton/Fla.: Taylor & Francis, 2013 (Human Factors and Ergonomics)
ISBN: 978-1-4398-7895-8
Book Article
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Augmented reality (AR); Skill Training; training systems; augmented reality platforms; Business Field: Virtual engineering; Research Area: Confluence of graphics and vision

AR-based training applications must clearly differ from AR-based guiding applications, as they must really train the user and not only guide the user through the task. AR is a good technology for training, as instructions or location-dependent information can be directly linked and attached to physical objects. Because objects to be maintained usually contain a large number of similar components, the provision of location-dependent information is vitally important for the training. Furthermore, in AR-based training, sessions can be combined with teleconsultation technologies, and the availability of a trainer on-site is not mandatory.