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ROS introduction

: Weißhardt, Florian

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Created on: 21.1.2014

Verl, Alexander (Hrsg.); Bauernhansl, Thomas (Hrsg.) ; Stuttgarter Produktionsakademie:
ROS in der industriellen Anwendung : Seminar, 1. Oktober 2013, Stuttgart
Stuttgart, 2013 (Seminar SPA 025)
35 Folien
Seminar "ROS in der industriellen Anwendung" <2013, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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Robot Operating System (ROS); Roboter; Industrieroboter; Betriebssystem; Programmieren; Simulation

The open source "Robot Operating System" ROS offers highly developed robotics software components which can be used in flexible industrial applications. This introduction to ROS gives an overview about the capabillities and tools provided by ROS.