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IPA.FluidSort - separation of smallest components

: Othman, Nabih

Poster urn:nbn:de:0011-n-2721185 (1005 KByte PDF)
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Created on: 17.12.2013

Industrie- und Handelskammer -IHK-, Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg:
5. iNNOVATION fORUM für Mikrotechnik 2013 : 27. Februar 2013, Villingen-Schwenningen
Villingen-Schwenningen, 2013
1 pp.
Innovation Forum Mikrotechnik <5, 2013, Villingen-Schwenningen>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPA ()
IPA.FluidSort; Vereinzeln; microsystems; handling; Liquid Handling; Oberflächenspannung; Mikrotechnik; Fertigung; Zuführen

Due to product miniaturization and the simultaneous rise in the level of integration, the components to be processed are steadily decreasing in size. At the same time, microcomponents and assembly processes are becoming increasingly sensitive to external influences. These factors increase the risk of parts being damaged or important functional structures being contaminated during such steps as feeding processes, for example. Among other things, this trend is causing conventional vibratory feeding methods to reach their technical limits due to process forces and surface effects. It has become extremely difficult or impossible to singularize components and sort them into a defined order for subsequent manual or automated processing, e.g. to be gripped during an assembly step. A new method is described using the surface forces for separating, sorting and arranging micro components. The surface shape of fluids and the gravity are used for moving the floating components to defined positions. The components can be arranged in a magazine or can be sorted by a channel system.