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A technical challenge for robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery: Precision surgery on soft tissue

: Stallkamp, J.; Schraft, R.D.


The international journal of medical robotics and computer assisted surgery 1 (2005), No.2, pp.48-52
ISSN: 1478-5951
ISSN: 1478-596X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
medical technology; Minimally Invasive Surgery; Medizinroboter; surgical robotic; surgery; Medizintechnik; Sensor

In minimally invasive surgery, a higher degree of accuracy is required by surgeons both for current and for future applications. This could be achieved using either a manipulator or a robot which would undertake selected tasks during surgery. However, a manually-controlled manipulator cannot fully exploit the maximum accuracy and feasibility of three-dimensional motion sequences. Therefore, apart from being used to perform simple positioning tasks, manipulators will probably be replaced by robot systems more and more in the future. However, in order to use a robot, accurate, up-to-date and extensive data is required which cannot yet be acquired by typical sensors such as CT, MRI, US or common x-ray machines. This paper deals with a new sensor and a concept for its application in robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery on soft tissue which could be a solution for data acquisition in future.