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Material Parameters and ESEM Characterization of Functional ENT Prostheses During Ongoing Degradation

: Haberland, E.-J.; Berghaus, A.; Füting, M.; Bethge, J.; Grellmann, W.

Grellmann, W.:
Deformation and fracture behavior of polymers
Berlin: Springer, 2001 (Engineering online library)
ISBN: 3-540-41247-6
Book Article
Fraunhofer IWM ()
biocompatible materials; mechanical prostheses; environmental scanning electron microscopy

The normally available voice prostheses of the Provox® and ESKA-Herrmann types are made of silicone rubber. Further details of the materials are not available. For comparison, samples of the Halle voice prostheses, which are produced from polyurethane [5], were examined. The surfaces were investigated with light microscopy and with conventional and environmental scanning electron microscopy. The plastic hardness was measured with the Fischerscope H100 test device, which measures micro-hardness. For measurement of the pressure/flow characteristics, an aerodynamic measuring device was used [6].