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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur winkelaufgelösten Streulichmessung

Device for measuring angle-dissolved scattered light of sample e.g. lens, determines values for power spectral density to analyze scattered components and parameters for connection of fractal spectral power density
: Trost, Marcus; Schröder, Sven; Hauptvogel, Matthias; Nothni, G.; Duparré, Angela; Feigl, T.

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DE 102012005417 A1: 20120314
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The device has an illumination device to illuminate a sample (1) with light under an incident angle. A detector assembly detects two portions of light strewn having different light frequencies at sample. An evaluation unit evaluates output signals of detector assembly. The values for a power spectral density (PSD) are determined to analyze the scattered components and parameters for the connection of fractal spectral power density. An independent claim is included for an angle-dissolved scattered light measurement method.