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Werkzeugadapter und Werkzeugmaschine mit diesem

Tool adapter for use in machine tool for highly-accurate machining of contoured and structured surfaces and other geometric forms, has receiving device for connection to machine spindle , where adapter shaft is divided by coupling
: Bucht, André; Pagel, Kenny; Junker, T.; Eifler, T.

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DE 102012000148 A1: 20120105
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The tool adapter (1) has a receiving device for connection to a machine spindle and another receiving device for connecting a machining tool, where the two receiving devices are connected with each other through an adapter shaft (5). The adapter shaft is divided by a coupling (6). A feed device (7) is provided on a part of the adapter shaft for transmission of feed movement to the adapter shaft part that carries the latter receiving device such that the receiving devices are movable relative to each other in a degree of freedom.