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Verfahren zur Herstellung eines Metall-Kunststoff-Hybrid-Bauteiles und damit hergestelltes Hybrid-Bauteil

Metal-plastic-hybrid component i.e. steel-plastic-hybrid component, manufacturing method for automobile industry, involves obtaining heat input for joining process from residual heat that remains in metal forging during transforming process
: Sterzing, Andreas; Schieck, Frank

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DE 102011121621 A1: 20111219
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The method involves transforming a metal component i.e. steel component, under thermal effect and pressure. A plastic component (2a) is joined with a metal forging (1b) under the thermal effect and the pressure in material engagement manner for forming a metal-plastic-hybrid component. A thermally activatable adhesive is arranged between the metal component and the plastic component. Heat input for the joining process is obtained from residual heat, which remains in the metal forging during the transforming process. The plastic component is made of thermoplastic fiber composite plastic. An independent claim is also included for a hybrid component.