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Elektrochemisches Element und Verfahren zur Herstellung eines elektrochemischen Elements

Electrochemical element e.g. electrochemical cell, for converting stored energy into electrical power, has electrode including substrate, and upper edge turning toward counter electrode that is fully arranged at outer side of recesses
: Hahn, Robert; Marquardt, Krystan

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DE 102011121681 A1: 20111213
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The element has an electrolyte arranged between an electrode (10) and a counter electrode. The electrode comprises a substrate (5) with an upper surface (18) having a set of recesses (2) and a layer (6) made of electrochemical active material and runs within the recesses. The material for transition of ions between the material and electrolyte adjoins in a region on the electrolyte, where the ions run within the recesses and does not protrude over an upper edge (15) of the recesses. The upper edge turns toward the counter electrode that is fully arranged at an outer side of the recesses. The substrate of the electrode comprises a base body from silicon, metal or plastic material. An independent claim is also included for a method for manufacturing an electrochemical element.