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Positionierungsvorrichtung zur Positionierung eines Bauteils und Verfahren zur Positionierung eines Bauteils

Positioning device for positioning e.g. wing of commercial aircraft during mounting, has positioning device causing position change of variable positioning location based on relative position of measuring device and reference element
: Stein, H.; Schulze, J.; Priber, Ulrich; Böhme, Jeannette; Sterzig, T.

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DE 102011117984 A1: 20111109
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The device has a measuring and positioning device (20) provided along an extension of a longitudinally extended reference element e.g. tensed wire, between two reference points. A measuring device (30) e.g. two-dimensional scanner, determines a relative position of the measuring device and the reference element in a plane perpendicular to an extending direction of the reference element. A positioning device (40) causes position change of a variable positioning location (41) of the device based on the relative position of the measuring device and the reference element. An independent claim is also included for a method for positioning a component using a positioning device.