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Vorrichtung zur induktiven Energieübertragung

Inductive energy transmission device for mobile sensor unit utilized for detecting e.g. heart rate of fish, has base unit comprising control circuit for correcting frequency of oscillating circuit such that voltage at capacitor is maximized
: Baganz, D.; Staaks, G.; Jauernik, O.; Wecke, N.; Jauernik, S.; Balzer, H.-U.; Großer, Volker; Brockmann, Carsten

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DE 102011113740 A1: 20110915
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The device has a primary coil (4) for transmitting energy to a mobile sensor unit (3) when a secondary coil is in a magnetic field. A base unit has a capacitor that forms an oscillating circuit with the primary coil, and a control circuit for measuring voltage at the capacitor. The control circuit detects deviation of the voltage from maximum voltage with resonance frequency of the oscillating circuit with detuning of the oscillating circuit by the sensor unit. The control circuit corrects the frequency of the oscillating circuit such that the voltage at the capacitor is maximized.