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Optical distance measuring device for high-pressure discharge lamp, has object beam moved in direction of optical axis of receiving optical unit and emitted from mirror element, where mirror element lies on outer side of optical unit
: Baulig, Claudia; Satzer, Britta

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DE 102011113147 B3: 20110914
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The device has a mirror unit (6) i.e. micro mechanical component, including a mirror element (5) that is actuated by a semi-permeable optical probe (8) for a rearward-reflected beam (16). A receiving optical unit (17) includes a focusing unit (19) and a radiation dis-aligning unit (18), and an object beam with the dis-aligning unit is moved in a direction of an optical axis of the receiving optical unit. The object beam is emitted from the mirror element on a detection unit (7), where the mirror element lies on an outer side of the receiving optical unit.