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Micro pump of micro-fluidic chip in micro-fluidic lab-on-chip system for, e.g. chemical and biological sample analysis, has several nanoscale surface structures that are provided at regions of fluid inflow and outflow micro channel
: Pabst, Oliver; Beckert, Erik

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DE 102011107046 A1: 20110711
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The micro pump has fluid substrate (2) that is equipped with a pump chamber (1) which is entirely covered by a polymer membrane (3) made of polycarbonate. The polymer membrane is actuated by membrane actuators (6,7) containing metals, carbon nanotubes and electrically conductive polymers. The fluid inflow and inflow processes are performed through a micro-channel. Several nanoscale surface structures are provided at specific regions of micro-channel, such that directed pumping action is achieved by direction-dependent flow resistance. An independent claim is included for a method for producing micro pump.