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Security Testing Approaches - for Research, Industry and Standardization

Presentation held at International Standard Conference on Trustworthy Computing and Services (ISCTCS), 29.-30. November 2013, Beijing, China
: Rennoch, A.; Schieferdecker, I.; Großmann, J.

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Created on: 5.12.2013

2013, 43 Folien
International Standard Conference on Trustworthy Computing and Services (ISCTCS) <2013, Beijing>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()
security testing; model-based testing; fuzzing; risk-based testing

Recently, in the Security testing domain a lot of knowledge has been collected from a significant amount of research. The presentation provides an introduction to advanced security testing methods and techniques in the context of European research and standardization projects. This includes numerous guidelines and best practices that have been identified and are applied in the context of industrial case studies. In particular it addresses risk modeling, security test pattern, functional security tests as well as fuzz testing, as important contributions to systematic, automatized test approaches in research, industry and standardization.