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Realistic realtime rendering of garment with transparency and ambient occlusion

: Bauer, Fabian
: Knuth, Martin; Kuijper, Arjan

Darmstadt, 2013, 90 pp.
Darmstadt, TU, Master Thesis, 2013
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3D rendering; Graphics Card; rasterizations; transparency computation; global illumination

To simulate behaviour and appearance of clothing articels the garment industry relies on CAD programs 3D garment design like Clo3D [21]. These simulation programs allow the designer to test out different parameters and applications of the garment instead of producing several real-world prototypes.
From modeling human characters to shading cloth material BRDF and BSSRDF these programs require state-of-the-art rendering and animation systems to closely reflect cloth material attributes. The physics simulation for one part is responsible for the movement of the cloth under different environmental situations.
The lighting solution of the rendering pipeline must be able to simulate different material effects like physically based reflections, refraction, sub-surface scattering, transparency. To give a plausible environment induces look to the rendered meshes global illumination techniques can be applied as well to test the materials lighting behaviour for different scenes.
Common in other fields like movie rendering and video games many of these required techniques can be adopted to achieve the desired effect.