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Biocompatible elastomers for 3D biomaterials by additive manufacturing

: Borchers, Kirsten; Bierwisch, Claas; Engelhardt, Sascha; Graf, Careen; Hoch, Eva; Jaeger, Raimund; Kluger, Petra; Krüger, Hartmut; Meyer, Wolfdietrich; Novosel, Esther; Refle, Oliver; Schuh, Christian; Seiler, Nadine; Tovar, Günter E.M.; Wegener, Michael; Ziegler, Tobias

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European cells & materials. Online journal 26 (2013), Supplement 1, pp.1
ISSN: 1473-2262
Meeting "Meet the Expert" <2013, Interlaken>
European Commission EC
FP7-NMP; 263416; ARTIVASC 3D
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Additive Manufacturing (AM); biomaterials; digital biofabrication; Biotechnologie; Druckverfahren; Fertigungsprozess; Elastomer

The future vision of implants comprises individually tailored prostheses and the generation of artificial tissue and organs generated from the patient's own cells. In order to develop artificial, biomimetic structures which perform as well as natural ones, we need fabrication processes that do not set any limits to the generation of shapes, and materials that allow for tailoring of their physical, chemical, and biological properties. We introduce new biocompatible materials for the manufacturing of flexible structures by freeform fabrication.