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Implementation and evaluation of an augmented reality system supporting minimal invasive interventions

: Schwald, B.; Seibert, H.; Schnaider, M.; Wesarg, S.; Roeddiger, S.; Dogan, S.

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Created on: 11.02.2005

Workshop AMI-ARCS 2004. Online Proceedings (Nicht mehr online verfügbar) : Augmented Environments for Medical Imaging
Online im WWW, 2004
Workshop AMI-ARCS <2004, Rennes, France>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IGD ()
augmented reality; Intra-operative Navigation; medicine

Minimal invasive surgery and interventions promise a number of advantages for the patient. The biggest one is a reduced trauma for the patient, at the cost of a limited view for the physician. The project MEDARPA offers Augmented Reality (AR) technology to enhance the real view of the surgeon with pre-operatively acquired medical data from 3D imaging modalities. During the last three years, a group of clinical, medical engineering and research partners has designed and implemented a prototype of an AR-enhanced navigation support system for minimal invasive interventions. It comprises of a transparent display device 'AR window', a hybrid tracking system, navigation support and a volume rendering system for medical 3D images. The system has been designed for a variety of medical applications. For the proof of concept cardiosurgery, radio oncology and pneumology scenarios have been considered. This paper gives an overview of the system design and its evaluation.