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Composed visualization

: Aghazaryan, Haykush
: Urban, Bodo; Bieber, Gerald

Rostock, 2012, 66 pp.
Rostock, Univ., Master Thesis, 2012
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IGD ()
operating systems; display devices; composed screens; Business Field: Digital society; Research Area: Generalized digital documents

The new generation of wearable computers (e.g. tablet pc, MT tables, Smartphone or lifeview displays) is equipped with a high connectivity and a LHRD. Up to now the devices are used to display individual information for the current user. Whenever a bunch of people are gathering together it would be useful to put the devices together in order to receive a large display. This CS is consisting of each individual display of the personal devices. Therefore, each device needs to know its position in the display ensemble and the displayed information is to be separated and distributed to the certain devices.
The overall goal of this work is to design a CS of individual displays, which visualizes various content in dependency of the organization and size of the composed display. Hereby the visualization should be scalable by the number and capabilities of the used screens. Furthermore it should be possible to build a CS ad hoc by using internal sensor capabilities.