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Integrating a Pan-European HVDC Grid into the North African AC Transmission System

Presentation held at World Smart Grid Forum 2013, Berlin, Germany, 23-25 September 2013
: Bohn, Sven; Agsten, Michael; Boie, Inga

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2013, 2 pp.
World Smart Grid Forum <2013, Berlin>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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HVDC transmission; AC transmission; renewable energy; supergrid

Establishing an overlay grid in Europe and expanding it to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has high potentials to support the pan-European and MENA energy exchange. Scenario-based modeling has proven that a meshed HVDC grid is able to transmit large volumes of renewable energy generated offshore or in deserts and arid regions over long distances to the industrial zones and load centers. Based on scenarios for energy generation and exchange in MENA this paper gives an outlook on the integration of the pan-European HVDC grid with MENA to support both local energy supply and export to Europe.