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Experimental analysis of the influence of the spectral width of out-coupling Fiber Bragg Gratings to the amount of Stimulated Raman Scattering in a cw kW fiber oscillator

: Liem, Andreas; Freier, Erik; Matzdorf, Christian; Reichel, Volker; Schreiber, Thomas; Eberhardt, Ramona; Tünnermann, Andreas


Optical Society of America -OSA-, Washington/D.C.:
Applications of lasers for sensing and free space : Part of Advanced solid-state lasers ; 27 October - 1 November 2013, Paris, France
Washington, DC: OSA, 2013 (OSA Technical digest series)
ISBN: 978-1-55752-982-4
Paper JTh2A.32
Conference "Applications of Lasers for Sensing and Free Space" (LS&C) <2013, Paris>
Conference "Advanced Solid State Lasers" (ASSL) <2013, Paris>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IOF ()

The spectral behavior of a LMA cw kW fiber oscillator was measured depending on the spectral width of the out coupling FBGs (0.04 nm, 0.5 and 1.5 nm (FWHM)). The SRS thresholds were compared.