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Adaptive data aggregation in vehicular ad hoc networks

: Bremer, Lars
: Graffi, Kalman; Scheideler, Christian; Jiru, Josef

Paderborn, 2013, 109 pp.
Paderborn, Univ., Master Thesis, 2013
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer ESK ()
adaptive systems; data aggregation; lokales Funknetz; vehicular ad hoc network; VANET; car-to-car; C2C; Car-to-x; Car2X; Road Side Unit; RSU

Intelligent transport systems aim at improving road safety and traffic efficiency. To achieve this objective, vehicles must communicate with each other and the environment. One challenge of this communication is scalability. With increasing size of the road system, the data load eventually congests the network channel. This challenge can be solved by reducing the data load through data aggregation. This work introduces an aggregation framework to design aggregation schemes that adaptively adjust the data load if needed. A highly flexible tree-based data structure that allows adaptive data aggregation is introduced as part of this framework. Three different aggregation schemes developed with the framework are discussed in this thesis. Evaluations showed the individual advantages and disadvantages of each approach and suggests that adaptive data aggregation improves the data quality significantly.