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Analysis and performance evaluation of narrowband powerline communication system based on G3-PLC standard in CENELEC A-band

: Neupane, Ganesh
: Shibli, Kamel; Mondin, Marina; Garello, Roberto

Torino, 2013, VI, 69 pp.
Torino, Politecnico di Torino, Master Thesis, 2013
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer ESK ()
Powerline Communication; PLC; G3-PLC; narrowband; Narrowband Powerline Communication; NB-PLC; smart grid

The focus of this work is on the analysis and performance evaluation of G3-PLC standard for low voltage power distribution grid in the access domain on the CENELEC A-Band. Existing channel and noise modeling methods have been presented and their suitability for implementation on designed G3-PLC based system has been investigated through simulations. Owing to the adverse effects posed by the harsh transmission scenario, adaptive modulation scheme has been developed. The method of adaptive modulation relies on balancing the trade-off between the system throughput and error level. Results showed that the implementation of adaptive modulation on G3-PLC system improves the system throughput while attaining a fixed error threshold.