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Gas sensitive behaviour and morphology of reactive evaporated V2O5 thin films

: Wöllenstein, J.; Scheulin, M.; Herres, N.; Becker, W.J.; Böttner, H.

Sensors and Materials : S and M 15 (2003), No.5, pp.239-246
ISSN: 0914-4935
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPM ()
Kristallmikrostruktur; Gassensor; Oberflächenstruktur; Dünnschicht; Vanadiumverbindung; Thermooxidation; Korngröße; Ammoniak; Methan; Kohlenmonoxid; Flächeninhalt; Feuchte; Vanadiumoxid

The gas-sensing characteristics and the morphology of vanadium pentoxide thin films have been investigated. The thin films were prepared by reactive electron beam evaporation of vanadium on surface-oxidised silicon wafers and additional thermal oxidation. Structural and morphological analyses of the V(ind 2)O(ind 5)thin films in the thickness range of 100-200 nm were performed. The poly crystalline monophase V(ind 2)O(ind 5) films consist of grains with surface areas in the range of 100 nm to 1 mu m square. Gas measurements were carried out with single-chip thin-film sensor arrays in synthetic air with 50% humidity. The sensors are analytically suitable as they are sensitive to ammonia, methane, carbon monoxide and nitric dioxide. Particularly for NO(ind 2), a distinctive temperature dependence of the gas reaction has been observed.