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Business model innovations for electric mobility - what can be learned from existing business model patterns?

: Abdelkafi, N.; Makhotin, S.; Posselt, T.


International journal of innovation management 17 (2013), No.1, Art. 1340003, 41 pp.
ISSN: 1363-9196
Journal Article
Fraunhofer MOEZ ( IMW) ()

The paper aims to generate systematically business model innovations in the field of electric mobility. It introduces a new framework, in which a business model denotes a value-focused concept with five value dimensions: value proposition, value communication, value creation, value delivery and value capture. The framework enables the classification of business model patterns, identified in the literature, according to five categories. The combination of patterns from different dimensions can lead to the systematic generation of business model innovations. But the number of business models that can result from pattern combinations can be overwhelming. Subsequently, the paper only evaluates the extent to which business model patterns that are not necessarily observed in the automotive sector can be useful for the field of electric mobility, and how they can be adapted to fit into the new context. We find that the transferability strongly depends on the actor's role in the system, if it is a manufacturer, supplier or service provider. More importantly, our analysis shows that some models such as product-to-service (e.g., car sharing service), already implemented in the automotive industry, will continue to be successful in the future because of their potential of increasing customer acceptance and technology diffusion. Many other business models-so far used in other sectors, but not in the automotive industry-may integrate the field of electric mobility. Razor and blades, own the undesirable concept, and leverage new influencers are all promising business models, if they can be fitted adequately to the new context induced by the new technology.