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Frozen cells and bits: Cryoelectronics advances biopreservation

: Ihmig, F.R.; Shirley, S.G.; Kirschman, R.K.; Zimmermann, H.


IEEE Pulse 4 (2013), No.5, pp.35-43
ISSN: 2154-2287
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IBMT ()

With few exceptions, electronic components are rated by their manufacturers to -40°C (sometimes -55°C). The operation of electronic ?components, circuits, and systems at much lower temperatures is called cold electronics, cryogenic electronics, low-temperature electronics, or cryoelectronics [1], [2]. Although not all electronics components are usable at low temperatures, electronic devices and circuits have been operated all the way down to a few degrees above absolute zero (0 K, -273°C).