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Erdgaswirtschaft. Power to gas. Untersuchungen im Rahmen der Deutsche vereinigung des gas und wasserfaches eV (DVGW)-innovationsoffensive zur energiespeicherung

Natural gas industry. Power to gas. Studies within the framework of the German Association of Gas and Water Engineering innovation offensive on energy storage
: Müller-Syring, G.; Henel, M.; Rasmusson, H.; Mlaker, H.; Köppel, W.; Höcher, T.; Sterner, M.; Trost, T.

BWK. Das Energie-Fachmagazin 63 (2011), No.7-8, pp.5-11
ISSN: 0006-9612
ISSN: 1618-193X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWES ()

A discussion covers the contribution of the natural gas transmission line network as an indispensable component of a future energy system. The natural gas grid is an efficient, secure, environmentally friendly, and economically accepted infrastructure. Its use is mainly to convey hydrogen and methane. The use of the gas infrastructure and its components offers the opportunity for an ecologically and cost effective development from a fossil to a regenerative energy economy. Discussion topics include introduction; "Power to Gas" concept in which stored hydrogen or methane is available according to need for use in power and heat generation, and motor fuel use; interfaces of the energy infrastructures; storage pathway of renewable power in the natural gas grid for hydrogen and methane; hydrogen tolerance of the natural gas grid; necessary facility engineering for the storage of renewable power; goals and focal points of the DVGW energy storage concepts project; hydrogen-ric h gases in the gas supply yesterday, today, and tomorrow; and summary.