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Power reserve provision with wind farms

: Gesino, A.J.; Rohrig, K.; Heier, S.

International Solar Energy Society -ISES-:
30th ISES Biennial Solar World Congress 2011. Vol.6 : Kassel, Germany, 28 August - 2 September 2011
Red Hook, NY: Curran, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-618-39364-7
Solar World Congress (SWC) <30, 2011, Kassel>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWES ()

Considering the relation between system frequency and power equilibrium, the technical characteristics of primary and secondary power reserve and the fact that traditional schemes regarding ancillary services are not directly transferable to wind power, a new concept is developed addressing how wind power could provide power reserve, both positive and negative, in a stable and reliable way. The main challenge is to overcome the natural fluctuating characteristic of wind power through a process which provides the structure and the needed data flow allowing wind energy to contribute with both, positive and negative power reserve, within a reliable framework regarding power availability and stability, as happens nowadays with conventional generation. This paper presents a methodology [5] which makes use of the advantages of centralized and decentralized control systems, providing a two layers architecture (TSOs and dispatch centres) as well as giving the dispatch centres t heir own autonomy based on their own monitored and calculated data. It also decreases the complexity of the control and decision making process with regard to the power reserve provision, considering that a large volume of wind farms is expected to be able to participate in the power reserve provision markets.