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Utilisation of inland wind power - Characterisation of the wind resource in forested hills

: Callies, D.; Kühn, P.; Hagemann, S.; Döpfer, R.; Otto, K.; Hahn, B.; Lange, B.

European Wind Energy Association -EWEA-, Brussels:
European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition, EWEC 2010. Vol.5 : Warsaw, Poland, 20 - 23 April, 2010
Red Hook, NY: Curran, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-617-82310-7
European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (EWEC) <2010, Warsaw>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWES ()

As of January 2010, the installed capacity of onshore wind power in Germany was over 25 GW. However, there is still a huge potential to further develop onshore wind energy. New tower technology allows the realisation of hub heights significantly exceeding 100 m and to tap wind resources over forests. Yet, there are uncertainties about the prevailing wind conditions at these heights. This is particularly the case in more complex terrain such as hilly woodlands. This paper presents a project that aims to explore the wind characteristics at great hub heights over forested hills. Furthermore, the project seeks to test and improve lidar measurements in complex terrain and great hub heights as a new option to complement or eventually replace mast mounted measurements. Within the project a 200 m met mast will be installed at a hilly woodland site. The mast will be equipped with anemometers at ten different heights. Additionally the measurements of three lidar systems will be c ompared to that of sensors mounted at the met mast. The installation of the mast is scheduled for summer 2010. Until then, the three lidar systems will be tested at several locations using different configurations. At the moment the lidars are placed next to a 200 m met mast in flat terrain. The two year project started at the end of 2009 and is funded by the German Federal Environment Ministry.