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Thoughts on an automation concept for complex production processes within a learning organization

: Luhn, G.; Schmidt, H.-J.; Peiter, M.; Boelstler, F.; Lang, T.


2005 IEEE/SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference and Workshop
IEEE, 2005
ISBN: 0-7803-8997-2
Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference and Workshop (ASMC) <2005, Munich>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()

This paper deals with the evolution of the pervasive role of automation, reflected on some fundamental observations in information theory, applied to aspects of a "learning organization". We want to visualize a specific interaction between innovation and automation. We will give examples to illustrate those new tendencies by introducing a so called interaction layer (i.e. business logic layer). Although this might be a known approach from IT perspective, we want to emphasize a new and fundamental quality of interaction between user and automation system. One may perceive that automation is entering into a new decade, which can be characterized by concepts of personalization and standardization. From this standpoint, the so called "user" is stepping more into the center of such automation concept. Simply spoken, innovation counts for continuous learning (both, individual and organizational), and better learning is the enabler for improved productivity and speed. The over all goal is to create a well balanced production system based on continuous (lot) processing and learning. That is, in the end, an intrinsic motivation to "Never stop thinking".