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Multichannel source directivity recording in an anechoic chamber and in a studio

: Jacques, R.; Albrecht, B.; Schade, H.-P.; Vries, D. de; Melchior, F.

Augusztinovicz, F. ; Scientific Society for Optics, Acoustics, Motion Picture and Theater Technology -OPAKFI-:
Forum Acusticum Budapest 2005. Proceedings. CD-ROM : 29 Aug - 2 Sep 2005: Acoustics: science and technology for knowledge based society and healthy environment
Budapest: OPAKFI Tud. Egyesület, 2005
ISBN: 963-8241-68-3
Forum Acusticum <4, 2005, Budapest>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IDMT ()

Within the framework of the cooperation between TU Ilmenau, the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT) and TU Delft, new sound recording concepts are developed dedicated to sound reproduction by Wave Field Synthesis (WFS). It is intended to also take the directivity characteristics of musical instruments into account in this process, instead of representing these instruments as omnidirectional point sources or plane wave generators, as usual in WFS practice until now. As an introductory experiment, the frequency-dependent directivity patterns of five brass instruments, together forming a quintet, have been measured in an anechoic chamber and in a studio by means of a circularly arranged microphone setup. Characteristics have been recorded of the individual instruments as well as of the ensemble. The data give ample information about the influence of the acoustic environment on the recorded radiation properties of the different instruments, as a functio n of frequency and radiation angle. Besides, the data give insight inhowfar the radiation pattern of a group of instruments can be resynthesized from the characteristics of the individual instruments in the two researched environments. In the paper it will also be considered how the results can be implemented in WFS music reproduction.